car insurance documents

Tips To Reduce Car Insurance Premiums

The process of learning to drive, unfortunately, isn’t cheap; between the cost of lessons, theory tests and practical tests, you’re likely to spend a considerable chunk of cash. However, your most expensive investment is yet to come. As many learners and new drivers know, your first year of driving is going to cost more than…

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driving during rain

Tips For Driving In Different Weather Conditions

When setting off for a journey, you can never quite anticipate the weather conditions you may be faced with and how you will have to alter your driving to remain safe. During driving lessons, your instructor will aim to prepare you as much as possible for any situation you may be faced with on the…

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driving test marketing sheet

Top Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

Once you’ve taken the leap of faith and booked your driving test, its all steam ahead to ensure that you are fully prepared for any test route, manoeuvre or unexpected situation that you may be faced with. While it is true that practice makes perfect, its also recommended spending some time researching and chatting to…

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Ripping Up L Plate

To Do List For After You’ve Passed

Unfortunately, you can’t get straight on the roads as soon as you’ve passed, there are a few things you need to get done so you can legally drive independently. To make sure that you can enjoy your newly awarded freedom as soon as possible, we’ve devised the essential to do list for those who have…

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car keys with keyring

What Does A Black Box Do?

Unfortunately, along with the huge expense of buying your first car, unless you’re lucky enough to get it as a gift, you’ll also be faced with large insurance fee. Car insurance for drivers in their first year is often dramatically more expensive due to the idea of both increased vulnerability and likelihood of an accident….

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UK Police Officers

What Are The Most Common Driving Offences?

You’ve probably heard many friends, family members and even your instructor express the fact that the real test when it comes to driving commences the moment you pass your test and get on the roads independantly. No longer is there the reassurance of dual controls and an experienced instructor by your side, its all down…

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sat nav on dashboard

4 Sat Nav Tips For During Your Test

If your driving test is approaching, then you’ve most likely been spending your lessons practising using a sat nav and getting the hang of acting on instructions from a device rather than from your instructor. Although for many, the idea of using a sat nav takes the pressure off a little, for others, it’s another…

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Mobile Phone Law Changes – Don’t Be Tempted

In recent weeks, there have been some significant changes to laws that involve the use of a mobile phone while driving a car, bus or even motorbike. Previous incidents that include the use of a mobile phone at the wheel seemed to far more lenient. However, the severity of the damages caused remained extremely high….

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How to Prepare for Driving Tests

If you are approaching your driving test, then I am sure that you are looking for some useful last minute advice to help you pass first time. However, there are a few simple things that are not even involved with getting behind the wheel of a car that can become extremely beneficial. I am going…

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