What happens on your first few lessons?

When you begin your driving lessons in Leicester with us at Drive247 Leicester, you will always start at the beginning.

We make sure that you always work at a suitable level that matches your experience and ability. We do this so you don’t feel overwhelmed, and you don’t gain any negative feelings towards driving.

We regularly have people that feel nervous and scared when it comes to driving, and that is completely natural. You don’t have to go into driving confident to pass as a confident driver.

If you work hard and are dedicated, you will quickly find that those nerves disappear.

smiling boy with L signs on his car

What to expect on your first lesson

When you begin learning to drive on your very first lesson, you will cover the absolute basics. All of our driving instructors in Leicester make sure that you have a strong base of fundamentals before you even set off in the car.

When you get in the car for the first time, you will go through the following:

  • The basic controls of the car
  • How to adjust the seats, steering wheel and your mirrors
  • What pedal does what along with going through changing gears
  • Basic turning left and right

We make sure that we cover these subjects first, as these are the essential skills you will need throughout your learning to drive experience. This is because as we begin to challenge you with manoeuvres and more advanced roads, you will need to rely on these to progress.

How will I progress from here

Once you have done anywhere from 5 to 10 hours, you will find yourself doing more difficult manoeuvers and driving on busier roads. This may be longer or may even be shorter than 5-10 hours. However, when you begin to feel comfortable driving, you will then begin to experience the following scenarios:

  • T-junctions
  • Hill starts
  • Meeting other traffic and who has priority
  • Roundabouts, miniature ones to normal roundabouts
  • Manoeuvres – Parallel parking, bay parking, three-point turns and reversing around a corner

While learning all of these skills and techniques may sound scary, and as a significant jump, it is a natural jump. Your instructor will begin to put these in a little bit at a time, and before you realise it, you will have been completing a number of these during a single lesson.

mazda steering wheel in learner driver car

The final steps before your test

If you are reading this as a complete novice, then this may seem like it will be months until you are at this point. However, we regularly see our Drive247 Leicester students passing after only 24 hours of lessons. With that said, here are some things that you may come across when you are getting test ready:

  • Accident black spots on potential test routes
  • Complicated roundabouts
  • Dual carriageways – how to join them and exit them
  • Independent driving – following road signs or a satnav
  • Spiral roundabouts

As detailed above, we will make sure that your driving experience is separated into three clear sections. The reason for this is so you can see a natural progression that works for you and doesn’t overwhelm you. If you do ever begin to feel overwhelmed, you only have to speak to your instructor, and they will be able to help calm you down and help build up your confidence.

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