How we roll

Drive247 Leicester has a simple but effective philosophy: we want our pupils to pass safely and fast!

With a pass rate consistently over 90%, you can see the pass certificates do most of the talking and so does our overall teaching time.

Last year, our average pupil took just 24 hours of driving lessons in Leicester. If you compare that to the national average of 67 hours of lessons and private practice, then we are over 40 hours faster. That's a lot of money and a massive saving for you.

What you can expect

When you start your lessons with us, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Fully qualified, grade A driving instructor
  • An instructor who knows the area well, especially the test routes
  • Bubbly, enthusiastic instructor who loves teaching and helping pupils pass fast and first time
  • Free lesson planner and progress manual
  • Free online password to protected videos to help you learn quicker
  • Free test route videos of the Leicester test routes
  • Free online theory training worth £15.99

Our pass rates

April 2021 - 90%
May 2021 - 94%
June 2021 - 93%
Average - 92%
* Data from the last 3 months