What Does A Black Box Do?

What Does A Black Box Do?

Unfortunately, along with the huge expense of buying your first car, unless you’re lucky enough to get it as a gift, you’ll also be faced with large insurance fee. Car insurance for drivers in their first year is often dramatically more expensive due to the idea of both increased vulnerability and likelihood of an accident. There are many different ways to lower your car insurance, the most prominent being installing a black box. But is opting for a premium that includes a black box really worth it? Is cheaper insurance enough of a benefit to sway you? What does a black box do?

What Does A Black Box Do? – The Main Factors

Many different advantages and disadvantages come alongside fitting a black box to your car for the first few years of driving, some considerably more worthwhile than others.

A black box is a form of telematics that basically tracks everything you do while on the roads. Your ability to stay within the speed limit, smoothness while braking and overall driving skills are the main factors that contribute towards your total driving score. Each day, you will be given a score based on your driving.

So, if you’re in the process of looking for insurance quotes and not too sure whether to go for one with a black box or not, we’ve devised a list of the main factors of a telematics box.

Additional Security

Included in the tracking system within a black box is GPS, which is a satellite-based navigation system which has the capability to pinpoint your exact location within seconds. Although at first, this may seem like a slight invasion of privacy, your insurance provider is unlikely to ever look at your location unless you request to see it.

A built-in GPS system is incredibly useful in the unlikely event of a stolen vehicle. When your black box is fitted, you will be recommended to install the app and log in with your account. In your app, you are likely to find a section called ‘find my car’, here you will find the exact location of your vehicle. If you car is stolen, you, your insurance company and the police will work together using this resource to track down your car and arrest the criminal quickly.

GPS tracker on phone

Install Within Minutes

Once you’ve decided on an insurance policy, submitted your application and made any necessary payments, you then have 14 days leeway to organise for a technician to install your black box. Installation takes a maximum of 30 minutes, and your technician can visit you wherever suits you best, whether this may be at home, work or even your place of education. Once your black box is fitted, you won’t have to worry about it again, it will be out of sight, and you won’t have to pay an installation fee.

Having 14 days free before your black box is fitted is also beneficial as it gives you some time to get used to your car and practice being behind the wheel independently before you start being scored.


When researching the best premium for you, always keep a careful eye out for any driving limitations installing a black box will bring. Although it is rare that you will be given a set of rules, it does happen.

Some insurance companies set curfews for the hours you are able to drive between. Commonly, curfews limit you from driving late at night and the early hours of the morning mainly due to the increased likelihood of an accident between these hours. It’s unlikely that your provider will be so strict that they will revoke your policy if you drive between these time. Alternatively, you will probably be faced with an extra cost, or they will give you a low driving score that will impact your annual score.

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Easy To Handle Claims

Although fitting additional devices such as a dash cam is a more effective way of handling claims, a black box can also work towards your advantage if you are ever involved in an incident.

Unfortunately, new drivers are often prime targets for taking the blame in the event on an incident or accident due to the presumption of less experience reacting to situations. If you are involved in a collision in which another driver falsely claims you were speeding and were to blame for the situation, you can use your black box tracking to prove them wrong. Your black box records your speed and braking, which can both be used as evidence that you were, in fact, within the speed limit and tried to stop the incident by emergency braking. All you will need to do is get in contact with your insurance provider and ask for a copy of your record for that particular day.

We had a pupil once who had recently passed after taking driving lessons in Leicester and was hit with a massive claim from a dishonest driver. Due to their proof of speed through their black box record, they were able to eliminate any fees.


The idea of being rewarded for a year of careful, safe driving is often the main incentive for young drivers to opt for fitting a black box. Rewards come in many different forms depending on the company you opt for.

Ingenie is highly rewarding as they review your score every four months, if all is positive and you have driven exceptionally well, you are likely to see a drop in your monthly payment. On average, drivers who are insured with Ingenie see around a £400 saving in premiums.

Not only do rewards come in the form of cash, but also mileage. Insure The Box reward drivers with bonus miles which you can add to your current policy or add to next years if you wish to save them and renew your policy with the same company.

Although rewards are an excellent benefit of fitting a black box, we must highlight that they are not guaranteed. Rewards are based on your personal driving skills and score, and each company reflects on these factors differently. The majority of companies stick to the idea of giving rewards in the form of a discounted renewal price. You will see no rewards until the end of the year.

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Always Do Your Research!

Always ensure that you do plenty of research when looking for the best policy for you. Take into consideration the number of miles you estimate you will do within the year, how much you are prepared to pay and whether you need an additional driver on your policy. Take a look at comparison sites such as GoCompare, MoneySupermarket, and Confused.com.

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