How to Keep Your Car Looking Spotless With This Cleaning Technique

How to Keep Your Car Looking Spotless With This Cleaning Technique

Car owners are a funny breed – some of them take pride in their vehicles appearance whereas others are not as bothered, seeming quite happy to let their vehicles gather dirt, grime and grit.

For those of you that do take pride in the appearance of your car, you can use this cleaning guide to make sure that it looks spotless all the time. We offer a number of useful tips and talk you through how to get the most out of each technique and product.

How often you should be washing your car

This really does vary on the usage of the vehicle, the type of bodywork fitted and any specialist paint that has been applied. However, as a general rule, if your car is used on a daily basis – say once or twice a day for a couple of hours. Then washing your car once a week should be more than enough.

Of course, if you own a working vehicle and find yourself driving an excessive number of miles a day, you might find that washing the car on a more frequent basis to be more beneficial.

However, once a week is usually more than enough if you don’t want to bring any damage to the paintwork.

The general process every car owner should use

Washing your car doesn’t need to take a long time to do. A lot of owners will prefer to go to a nearby car wash where you’re thrown on a conveyor belt and covered in second rate soap before having it jet washed off.

However, that process is quick and easy but it doesn’t guarantee a high quality clean every time.

First things first; get the majority of the dirt off of the bodywork using a low powered pressure washer. Make sure that you evenly cover the entire vehicle with water and clean off any obvious dirt.

Try to avoid using high settings on pressure washers, as they have been known to remove paint from wheel arches.

Pre-wash and foaming

After you’ve had chance to rinse the vehicle, the next thing you should be doing is preparing it for a detailed clean with a pre-wash or high quality shampoo.

Using a foaming gun you can apply the shampoo or pre-wash evenly over the car. Allow this to sit on the bodywork and soak up the remaining dirt and grime for 10-15 minutes. This should provide it with plenty of time to dissolve and breakdown the dirt.

Using the pressure washer, rinse the shampoo off.

Begin washing the vehicles exterior

Now you have the car prepared correctly you can begin washing. The easiest way to clean the car efficiently is to use the two-bucket method, which has proven to work for a number of car lovers over the years.

Simply purchase two buckets of the same size and fill them both with even amounts of water. You’ll need to fill one of these buckets with automotive shampoo and mix it with the water to create the soapy foam. Just leave the other one with clean water – you’ll use this to rinse your mits as you clean.

When you’re ready, start at the top of the vehicle by washing the roof using a cleaning mit – try not to be too stingy with the soap, as the more you have, the better it will clean the paintwork.

Once the roof is complete, make your way down the car cleaning the following areas:

  • Windows
  • Bonnet
  • Boot
  • Both side panels
  • Front and rear bumpers

Begin working on the wheels

When the bodywork has been thoroughly cleaned you can make a start on the wheels and alloys using a soft tipped cleaning brush. Just like you did with the bodywork – try to get as much grime off of the wheels as you can.

When you’re happy use a separate cleaning mit to get into the smaller areas and clean the alloys and wheel arches. When they are clean, use the pressure washer to rinse the entire vehicle.

When all of the soap has been rinsed off you can start to dry the vehicle by using a soft drying towel and patting down the panels.


This weeks article was created by Deutsch Tech – a local garage that provides BMW servicing in Milton Keynes and Unit18 Automotive – also a local company that offer car servicing in Milton Keynes.

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