How to Prepare for Driving Tests

How to Prepare for Driving Tests

If you are approaching your driving test, then I am sure that you are looking for some useful last minute advice to help you pass first time.

However, there are a few simple things that are not even involved with getting behind the wheel of a car that can become extremely beneficial.

I am going to talk you through a couple of very simple, yet effective tips that you can start doing straight away to help you pass your driving test.

Popular suggestions include:

  • Plenty of Sleep
  • tudying Your Theory Training Again
  • A Practice Run

Now then, if you are getting to a test standard, your driving instructor may start to take your driving lessons in Burnley onto the local test routes. This is a great way to help improve your knowledge of unfamiliar roads and tricky junctions.

Sleeping and Rest

However, before you arrive for you test, one thing worth doing is making sure that you get plenty of rest the night or even nights before.

From experience, we suggest that for at least 3 nights before your driving test, you make sure you are getting a minimum of 8-hours sleep. If you can get more, even better.

By the time it comes to taking your test, you will be able to concentrate more and will be far more alert.

Studying Theory

O.K so we get that you will have already completed your theory training and test.

However, studying the manual and running through any DVD’s and Apps is a great way to revitalise your knowledge of certain procedures and the do’s and don’ts of driving.

If you have an early morning test booked, consider revising the pedestrian safety and crossings sections. These will be heavily used in mornings as parents take their children to school.


O.K so I know I said that these can be used without getting behind the wheel… I lied.

Ask a parent or other family member to take you out onto the test routes that you are familiar with. Granted, these routes may not come up in your test – however, if it does, you will be extremely grateful!

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